Hotel & Restaurant Supplier, Inc. handles unlimited selection of world class quality foodservice equipment, parts and accessories. We can also get for you non food service equipment and parts.


Hotel & Restaurant Supplier, Inc. is located in Laredo, Texas, U.S.A. This location permits us to receive your order and resend to you as soon as possible.

Quote Responses

Hotel & Restaurant Supplier, Inc. gets pricing directly from factory, quote request will take usually 24 hours to be delivered to you, unless the company you are requesting be new to us.

Minimum Requirements of Purchase

Hotel & Restaurant Supplier, Inc. is a wholesaler and orders directly from factory. The minimum requirement for a purchase order varies depending on the factory. We will provide information at the quote request.

Handling of Orders and Delivery Time

Hotel & Restaurant Supplier, Inc. orders directly from factory, if available from factory, orders will take 2-4 weeks to be delivered. We don’t carry stock, everything is handled under order.


Hotel & Restaurant Supplier, Inc. can schedule multiple shipments to a single consolidation point of your preference. We can even consolidate furniture, decor and non foodservice equipment items to help you reduce cost and improve efficiency.


Hotel & Restaurant Supplier, Inc. has warehouse service available in Laredo, Texas, U.S.A.  and assures that your equipment package is ready and waiting for installation when the project site is complete.

Freight Forwarding and Shipping

Hotel & Restaurant Supplier, Inc. handles all freight forwarding and shipping details to ensure on time deliveries anywhere. Our Laredo location, on the border with Mexico, permits us to receive your order and resend to you as soon as possible, handling full containers to individual freight shipments at the lowest possible cost. We can even receive your order, cross the border, pay customs taxes and send to you via your preference shipment method.

Delivery to Site

Hotel & Restaurant Supplier, Inc. can easily and efficiently arrange delivery from our Laredo location to project site at minimum expense.


Export/Import Documentation

Hotel & Restaurant Supplier, Inc. will draft export and import documentation with individualized care and service enabling your shipment to clear customs without delay and with minimum expense. Clearing through foreign customs often requires the services of local licensed importer with a specific import permit, if you don’t have one we may assist you.